Is the air you’re breathing safe?

Is the air you’re breathing safe?

Huma-i has been thinking a lot about what is the main concern of people with young children with weak immunity. After all, one of the main concerns of children's parents is "How can I keep my children healthier and safer?"

Unfortunately, however, the harmful environment is increasing, contrary to people’s expectations. In particular, the number of deaths from air pollution we breathe every day is increasing every year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of deaths from indoor air pollution is greater than the number of deaths from outdoor air pollution. It is no longer safe to stay indoors.

Huma-i started with a desire to ease the concerns of these people. Huma-i was born in the process of finding a solution to the air pollution, an invisible murderer. What if people could see air pollution in real time?

Now you can check and manage in real time air quality elements such as CO2 (carbon dioxide), VOC (volatile organic compounds), PM2.5, temperature and humidity. Huma-i will help you protect your family and yourself from the polluted air.

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