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PM2.5 and/or PM10 measurement shows “0”

If the value is "0" during measurement, a purifier is operating properly.

If "0" is continuously displayed, the small particles in the sensor area are occasionally stuck to the sensor side due to electrostatic phenomena, which prevents normal measurement. In this case, blow off the suction side of the device strongly 2 or 3 times and it will work normally. This is located on the left side of the product front. If this is not the case and you keep seeing "0", please contact the customer service center nearby.

It turns off automatically after 10 minutes

It is designed to automatically power off when there is no operation for 10 minutes to protect battery life.

If you want to use it continuously, then press the power button lightly to extend the use for another 10 minutes.

The automatic power-off function does not work when the power cable is connected.

There is a slight vibration after power-on

Huma-i shows the air quality level in real-time as the internal fan is actively and constantly sucking in the air just around you.

The fan makes a slight vibration tone.

If you rub a tissue lightly on the fan inlet, you can see that the value changes in real-time.

If you want to learn more about Huma-i measuring algorithm, click the link below.

How can I check that the PM2.5/PM10 measurement is working?

If there is a purifier, put it on the purifier outlet.

If the measured value is less than 10 units, it will work normally.

Another method is to rub a tissue on the suction side of the device to generate dust, which can lead to an increase in the PM10 value.

If you smoke, the level will go up tremendously.

However, smoking is harmful to your body, so please do not try it in this way.

PM value goes up if a humidifier is turned on

Basically, fine particles of water coming from a humidifier are perceived by optical sensors as fine dust, which is also seen in high-end equipment. We recommend that you turn off the humidifier and measure. Even on rainy or very humid days, PM measurement is a little higher on the same principle.

What is the PM sensor management method?

For accurate measurement and prolonged use, you can keep the sensor clean by strongly blowing the air intake part 2 ~ 3 times. When storing the device for a long time, please keep it away from dust and humidity. 

How long does the sensor last?

The PM sensor has a life span of 10,000 hours and can be safely used for more than 2 years on a regular basis. The life span of VOC or CO2 gas sensors is 10 years.

Can I charge the device with my own mobile phone or PC charger?

Yes, you can use the mobile phone fast charger due to the built-in high-speed charger protection circuit.

PM levels are different from smartphone application

The PM levels provided by the Meteorological Administration and Smartphone application are basically measured at more than 10m above the ground and are provided by a specific measuring station installed in a specific area. Our device measures the air quality just around you in real-time.

¿Qué es el modo de visualización de la OMS?

Huma-i proporciona un modo de visualización que cumple con los criterios de recomendación de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS).

Se recomienda especialmente a los bebés y las personas mayores con inmunidad débil que utilicen el modo de la OMS.

What is the WHO display mode?

Huma-i provides a display mode that meets the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation criteria.

Especially infants and elderly people with weak immunity are strongly recommended to use the WHO mode.

In ICON mode, PM2.5 and PM10 are switching automatically

ICON mode automatically selects and displays Poor level between PM2.5 and PM10 values.

Looks like there is a scratch on the display

The protective film is attached to the display screen for product protection.

This film is a protective film to avoid scratches that may occur in the manufacturing process.

If you remove the protective film after receiving it, you will be able to see a cleaner screen."

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