Huma-i white (HI-100)

Start taking control of the air quality in your environment.

Huma-i white (HI-100) | Portable Air Quality Monitors
Huma-i white (HI-100) | Portable Air Quality Monitors
Huma-i white (HI-100) | Portable Air Quality Monitors
Huma-i white (HI-100) | Portable Air Quality Monitors
Huma-i white (HI-100) | Portable Air Quality Monitors
Huma-i white (HI-100) | Portable Air Quality Monitors

Huma-i white (HI-100)

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Huma-i white HI-100 portable air quality monitor that measures the levels of PM2.5 and PM10 anytime, anywhere.

It incorporates an internal system to absorb ambient air, offering more precise air quality measurements in real time. High-precision sensors manufactured in Switzerland by Sensirion.



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Huma-i white is a portable air quality monitor, which measures PM2.5 and PM10.

Its excellent portability will help you measure air quality in real time anytime & anywhere.

You can carry it with you anytime & anywhere for the peace of mind you deserve.

Real-time measurement anytime & anywhere

Measures PM2.5

Measures PM10

Displays user-friendly “ICON” mode

Outstanding portability

Sleek design for portability

Indoor and outdoor use



1. Power and mode selection button

Power button

If you press the button for 1 second, it will be in power-on state. It automatically switches to power-off state when not in use for 10 minutes to protect battery life.

The status LED will blink 1 minute before automatic power-off. At this time, if you press the button lightly, it will be switched on again for 10 minutes, and the mode will not change.

Mode Selection Button

Each time you press the mode select button, the display mode changes cyclically in the following order.

WHO Mode => Single Display Mode (PM2.5) => Dual Display Mode (PM2.5 & PM10)

2. Status LED

The status LED lets you know the status of PM2.5 and PM10.

Unit of measurement Good Moderate Poor Unhealthy
PM2.5 - μg/m30~1516~2526~3536~
PM10 - μg/m30~3031~5051~7071~
3. Icon indicating fine dust concentration

4 kinds of icons, which indicate fine dust concentration, will help you to catch out easily fine dust concentration.

Air quality Good Moderate PoorUnhealthy

4. Battery status indicator

Este icono muestra el estado de la batería restante.

5. Display mode

WHO Mode (Icon Mode)

You can easily recognize the good and poor state of fine dust by 4 kinds of icons.

In this mode, it automatically displays the worst between PM2.5 and PM10.

Single Display Mode

This mode displays PM2.5 measurement values.

Dual Display Mode

Simultaneously displays PM2.5 and PM10 measurement values in one screen.

6. Fine dust / ultra-fine dust density indication

Displays the concentration of fine dust (PM10) and ultra-fine dust (PM2.5).



ProductPortable Air Quality Monitor
Model No.HI-100
VOC0.000 ~ 10.000ppm
CO2400 ~ 10,000ppm
PM2.5 & PM100 ~ 500㎍/m3
Power SupplyLi-Polymer Battery
Charge ModeUSB micro 5 Pin
Operating Temperature0 ~ 40℃ (32 ~ 104℉)
Storage Temperature-20 ~ 60℃ (-4 ~ 140℉)
Dimension91 X 41 X 37mm (3.6 X 1.6 X 1.5 inches)
Weight60g (0.13 pound)
CertificationsCE FCC KC






Huma-i Outdoor Air Meters Comparison Table

Portable Air Quality MonitorCO2VOCPM2.5PM10TemperatureHumidity
Huma-i Black (HI-150)
Huma-i Skyblue (HI-120)
Huma-i White (HI-100)

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