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The currently displayed measurement mode value and AQI status color do not match

Huma-i smart displays the Huma-i Air Quality Index (AQI) through LED colors.

AQI is Huma-i's own air quality index calculated by taking into account CO2, VOC, and PM (PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10) air quality indices as a whole. Status display colors for individual measurements (CO2/VOC/PM) can be checked in the app.

What is AQI and by what standard is it displayed?

Huma-i AQI is an integrated air quality index obtained by converting each measured value for VOC, CO2, PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10, and is displayed according to the following criteria.

- Good level: 0 ~ 50 (Blue)

- Moderate level: 51 ~ 100 (Green)

- Poor level: 101 ~ 200 (Yellow)

- Unhealthy level: 201 ~ 500 (Red)

VOC and CO2 measurements seem to be low after purchasing the product

When you first receive the product, the VOC and CO2 values may be low.

The sensor needs about 24 hours of operation to display a stable measured value.

When the product is initially purchased, it is necessary to expose it to clean air through ventilation, to stabilize the measured value through self-calibration.

How to calibrate VOC and CO2?

Huma-i Smart has a unified calibration system that calibrates CO2, VOC and PM in a single calibration process. It is strongly recommended to perform a manual calibration before starting to use the device. You can repeat this process if the device is not measuring correctly in the future.

This is the process to follow to perform the calibration:

  1. Place the meter for 30 minutes in the open air or in a fully ventilated area (power connection required).
  2. With the display mode set to C02, press the touch button for 10 seconds. Two beeps will sound and the meter will enter calibration mode.
  3. CAL" will appear on the display, press the button for 4 seconds, the beep will sound twice again and calibration will begin.
  4. If the calibration does not start within 20 seconds after the two beeps, the calibration is cancelled (repeat the above process).
  5. When the calibration starts, the remaining time will be displayed.
  6. When the calibration is finished, it will automatically exit the calibration mode, and the display mode will return to C02.
Can multiple people share and use one Huma-i smart?

Multiple people can check the information about the place where one Huma-i is installed by inviting up to 9 members.

For details, refer to the “Member Management” section of the app user manual.

The product does not turn off after 30 minutes in battery mode

Basically, the product is designed to turn off automatically after 30 minutes when used in battery mode. However, when the app is on, the automatic battery power-off function does not work. It is recommended to connect the power supply at all times to protect the battery life.

In battery mode, a beep sounds and the measurement screen blinks

Huma-i smart is designed to automatically turn off after 30 minutes to protect its life when used in battery mode. One minute before the power is turned off, the measurement screen flickers with a beep sound, and this function informs the user of the power off.

When connected to the charger, the charging indicator is not displayed

After connecting the power, it shows the battery charge status and turns off automatically after 5 seconds. If the power is not connected at all times, the battery status indicator is always shown.

When the power is off, the power does not turn on even if you press the button

After the power is turned off, the power cannot be turned on through the button.

When you connect the power to the adapter provided, the power is turned on automatically.

The auto mode does not work after button operation

If the product button is pressed while the auto display mode is set, the auto display mode is canceled. The auto display mode setting can only be set in the app.

For details, refer to the app user manual.

The LED on the top right of the product display keeps on

This is a status indicator to inform you that the automatic display mode is on.

In the automatic display mode, the measurement mode is automatically changed and displayed on the product display window every 5 seconds approximately. When the automatic display mode is released, the status LED turns off. The automatic display mode setting is only possible in the app. For details, refer to the app user manual.

After registering the product, the Wi-Fi icon is not displayed

Huma-i smart is designed to turn off the Wi-Fi icon when the product is properly registered. If the Wi-Fi icon is not displayed, the product has been successfully registered.

After registering the product, the Wi-Fi icon blinks during use

If the Wi-Fi icon flickers during use after registering the product normally, a wireless communication error has occurred. Please check your wireless router.

In the event of such a communication failure, the measured air quality data is temporarily stored in the product for up to 90 days until the Wi-Fi connection is normally connected.

When the Wi-Fi connection is successfully reconnected, the temporarily stored data are sent back to the server.

The product makes an alarm sound for about 1 minute

A beep sounds when the condition of the Poor Air Quality Index (AQI) level continues for 5 minutes.

If the air quality is not good, Huma-i notifies you.

The beep can be set to ON or OFF through the alarm settings in the app.

The initial setting is OFF.

For details, refer to the app user manual.

Is the temperature and humidity displayed on the product?

When the product is received for the first time, the temperature and humidity are not displayed.

You can set the temperature and humidity screen display through the app.

For details, refer to the app user manual.

When turning off and on again, it displayed as ""--:-- AM"".

If the product is turned off and then turned on again, the clock screen displays as ""--:-- AM"", the product is normally registered.

However, it may be displayed when a wireless communication (Wi-Fi) failure occurs or the product is out of the registered Wi-Fi Zone.

When wireless communication is restored normally, or when you enter the registered Wi-Fi Zone, the clock display is automatically updated to the current time and displayed.

Can I use it by connecting it to a normal mobile phone charger or a PC's USB?

It can be used by connecting to a general mobile phone charger, but it is recommended to use the adapter provided by Huma-i.

When using a general mobile phone charger, you must use a charger that exceeds 1A, otherwise, it may cause a malfunction.

It is NOT recommended to use a PC USB connection.

Most of the PC USB connector power supplies support 500mA.

If you use the USB connection terminal of a PC, it may cause product malfunction and may cause problems with the PC.

What is the battery life for portable use?

It may vary depending on the usage environment, but it can be used for about 60 minutes when fully charged.

Huma-i smart model is basically designed to be used while the power is connected.

Battery mode is supported for user convenience, so use battery mode only when necessary.

Are there any recommended uses for VOC and CO2?

We recommend using it as follows.

1) After receiving the product for the first time and completing product registration, we recommend that you always apply power to use it.

2) In general, the measurement performance can be improved by continuously supplying power to the environmental sensor.

3) To use it, It is recommended to expose the sensor to clean air through ventilation during the first use, and to make the sensor optimal for measurement through the self-calibration function.

Can't the VOC and CO2 measurements be displayed right away?

When the product is powered on, the VOC and CO2 sensors need some warm-up time before initial stabilization.

1) In case of the VOC sensor, measurement starts in around 15 ~ 60 seconds.

2) In case of the CO2 sensor, measurement starts in around 180 to 300 seconds.

It seems that the VOC or CO2 value is slightly higher or lower at power-on

Due to the characteristics of the gas sensor, when the power is turned on, the VOC or CO2 value may be measured slightly higher or lower, which is normal.

The longer the period of power disconnection, the longer it may take to stabilize, and it will take about 5 to 10 minutes to stabilize.

It seems that the temperature is being measured too slowly

Since the sensor is mounted inside the product, the measurement time may be delayed.

The measurement time differs depending on the external temperature, and a deviation of 5% to 10% may occur because the temperature sensor is located inside the product.

Isn't PM10 measured?

Huma-i smart measures not only PM2.5 and PM1.0, but also PM10.

The measured value of PM10 can be checked through the app.

How long is the sensor lifetime?

In the case of a PM sensor (PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10), the lifetime is around 7 years for 24 hour standard operation, and the lifetime of the VOC or CO2 gas sensor is around 10 years.

What is the reference value for each CO2 level?

It is divided into 4 levels.

Good: 400-700 ppm

Moderate: 701-1000 ppm

Poor: 1001-2000 ppm

Unhealthy: 2001-5000 ppm

In the case of Huma-i CO2, it is classified into 4 levels according to the domestic Indoor Air Quality Control Act.

It is recommended to keep the indoor recommended standard below 1000 ppm (average of 8 hours), which is the standard recommended by ASHRAE (American Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association) and the regulation used in many countries around the world. If the level is moderate, you may deem it as good.

How does CO2 affect our body?

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, tasteless gas that is heavier than air. The gas itself is almost nontoxic, but when present in large quantities, it increases the breathing rate of humans and increases the inhalation of the mixed harmful gas, increasing the risk.

In general, the effect of CO2 gas on our body is:

1) 400 ~ 450ppm: It is comfortable in the general outdoor air and has no effect on the human body.

2) 451 ~ 700ppm: This is an indoor level that does not entail any health problems even after a long period of time.

3) 701 ~ 1000ppm: There is no damage to health, but it is a level where there may be people feeling unpleasant.

4) 1001 ~ 2000ppm: This is the level at which changes in body condition can occur, such as feeling drowsy and sleepy.

5) 2001 ~ 3000ppm: This...

When does VOC occur?

VOC occurs primarily in household products that include:

- Paints and other solvents
- Wood preservatives
- Aerosol sprays
- Detergents and disinfectants
- Insect repellents, fragrances and pesticides
- Combustion fuels such as gasoline
- Dry cleaning clothing
- Products containing adhesives

What is the reference value for each VOC level?

It is divided into 4 levels.

Good: 0.000 ~ 0.220ppm [mg/m3]

Moderate: 0.221 ~ 0.660ppm [mg/m3]

Poor: 0.661 ~ 2.200ppm [mg/m3]

Unhealthy: 2.201~ 10.000ppm [mg/m3]

What is VOC?

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are carcinogen elements that cause nervous system disorders through skin contact or respiratory inhalation in the air, and collectively include benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ethylene, and acetaldehyde.

It is sometimes referred to as VOC and also as VOCs.

Wi-Fi information supported by Huma-i Smart

It can be used in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks with routers in mixed access mode (802.11b/g/n).

It cannot connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi.

What are the services that work with Huma-i smart?

Currently, it is linked with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, and will continue to expand in the future.

For how to link Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, refer to “Plus function” in the app user manual.

A pop-up saying “Please check the setting so that the app can use the location”…

This pop-up saying “Please check the setting so that the app can use the location” (location settings) appears when the location is not set.

For solutions, refer to the “FAQ” section of the app manual.

A pop-up saying “Please check the setting so that the app can use the location”…

This pop-up saying “Please check the setting so that the app can use the location” (location permissions) appears when the app cannot use location permissions.

For solutions, refer to the “FAQ” section of the app manual.

A pop-up saying “2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection is required for product registration (5…

This pop-up saying “2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection is required for product registration (5GHz not allowed)” appears when the mobile device you are trying to connect to is not 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection connected to the mobile device.

For solutions, refer to the “FAQ” section of the app manual.

A pop-up saying “The device cannot be found. Check the situation below.”

This pop-up saying “The device cannot be found. Check the situation below.” can appear in several situations.

For solutions, refer to the “FAQ” section of the app manual.

Can I change the Wi-Fi connected to Huma-i smart?

Yes, it is possible.

For how to change it, refer to the “FAQ” section of the app manual.

How do I update the firmware?

If you press the button marked "!" in the firmware version in the device settings of the Huma-i app, the firmware update is automatically performed in conjunction with the device.

For details, refer to the “Firmware Update” section of the app manual.

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